The Voice of the Countryside podcast contains updates, insights and analysis from the UK’s foremost rural campaign group.

The Countryside Alliance team discuss shooting, hunting, politics and all manner of other issues of interest to rural communities. If you love the rural way of life, our podcast is essential listening. 

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Episode 1The Countryside Alliance discuss trail-hunting on National Trust land, with expert opinion from Animal Welfare Consultant Jim Barrington.

Episode 2In this episode of The Voice of the Countryside, Countryside Alliance discuss BBC bias with Chief Executive Tim Bonner, get the latest updates on the Party Conference season and the Countryside Alliance Awards.

Episode 3Join an audience of over 150 people to listen to the Defra Secretary of State, The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, in conversation with Countryside Alliance Chief Executive Tim Bonner at our ‘Brexit Breakfast’ event at the Conservative Party Conference.

Episode 4In this podcast episode, Liam Stokes and Rachel Smedley talk to Countryside Alliance’s Head of Hunting Polly Portwin about the National Trust AGM result. In addition, they discuss the Hunting Newcomers’ week initiative and firearms licensing. Please email to suggest topics for the next episode of The Voice of the Countryside.

Episode 5In episode 5 of The Voice of the Countryside, presenters Liam Stokes and Rachel Smedley discuss Hunting Newcomers’ Week with Campaigns Assistant Hats Rutgers, and speak to Countryside Alliance’s Campaigns Manger Jack Knott about Great British Game Week. Liam also discusses the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council decision on whether or not to renew the shooting lease on Ilkley Moor. Please send any feedback or questions to

Episode 6: In episode 6 of The Voice of the Countryside, presenters Liam Stokes and Rachel Smedley take you behind the scenes of the recent BBC Countryfile episode. On Sunday 7 January Liam Stokes featured on Countryfile to talk about the failing medical procedures associated with firearms licensing. This podcast will discuss some of the issues raised during the Countryfile episode and will further help explain the fundamental flaws that are threatening to collapse the medical procedures associated with firearms licensing. To read more about our campaign for fair and consistent firearms licensing please click here.

Episode 7: In this episode presenters Liam Stokes and Rachel Smedley are joined by Sarah Lee, Director of the Countryside Alliance Awards and Jack Knott who manages our Game to Eat campaign to talk about the Rural Oscars. On Wednesday 25th April we held our Countryside Alliance Awards Champions Reception in the House of Lords where we crowned our British Champions. This podcast will take you behind the scenes of the event and will feature each of our worthy winners and explain the reasons why they won.

Episode 8: In this episode presenters Liam Stokes and Rachel Smedley are joined by Tom Adams, Managing Director of the British Game Alliance (BGA). Tom talks us through the background of the BGA and its objectives going forward. He explains how shoots can get involved and touches on the of the BGA’s consumer facing campaign Eat Wild’s exciting launch on Thursday 18th October.

An interview with George Eustice MP: As part of an interview for the Countryside Alliance magazine (My Countryside) to be published next month, George Eustice MP met with Countryside Alliance Political Relations Manager James Somerville-Meikle to discuss the agriculture bill, Brexit and future policies on agriculture and fishing.

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