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Three new General Licences have been issued by Defra

Three new General Licences have been issued by Defra covering the control of 13 species of bird for the purposes of prevention of serious damage to crops and livestock, conservation of flora and fauna, and protecting public health and safety. Not all these species appear on each licence, so before relying on one of these licences you should check that the species you wish to control for any of these purposes is on that particular licence. These licences are in addition to the single species licences issued by Natural England last month. For those species  (Carrion Crow to protect livestock, Canada Goose for health and safety and Woodpigeon to protect crops) you can choose to rely on either the new Defra licence or the Natural England licence but you must comply with the particular terms and conditions of whichever licence chosen. You do not need to apply for these licences but should ensure that you are familiar with the terms and conditions before carrying out lethal control.

The new licences are valid from 00.01hrs on the morning of Friday 14 June 2019 until the 29 February 2020.

The previous General Licences were revoked by Natural on 25th April in response to a threat of Judicial Review from Wild Justice. Defra subsequently took back the power to issue licences and there will be full consultation over the Summer.


You can view the new general licences here. 

View the new general licences

Natural England - General Licence Changes

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