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A screen shot of the facebook post which has since gone viral

An extreme animal rights group has posted a rant about children taking part in a survival skills lesson organised by the Cheshire Beaver Scouts. The story first broke on Cheshire Live.

The facebook post, which includes an image of two children standing next to the skins of what they are calling hares and rabbits, has sparked a vicious debate that has gone viral.

In a statement to Cheshire Live, The Scouts said: “We are aware that a picture was shared on a private Facebook showing two Beaver Scouts standing next to some dead hares and rabbits. They were supplied to the Scout District by a reputable supplier and had been shot legally on private land with the permission of the landowner as part of a crop protection programme.

“The picture was taken at a District Scout event that took place in early July that was designed to teach Scouts food preparation and backwoods cooking skills. Teaching young people how to prepare basic food in camp conditions is part of the survival skills badge.”

Hares, as Countryside Alliance members will know, are not an endangered species. The post deliberately encourages a pile-in from their supporters. Naturally, it has produced a number of vile comments from keyboard warriors.

One user Bill Mittelstadt comments “Why alter the photos of these little pyschos”, while another called Shane Manning, comments “b*stards*.”

Decima Nicholas spouted “Appalling activity promoted by sadistic, uncaring wildlife abusers. Is there a scout badge to be won for animal cruelty?”


Just some of the abusive comments taken from the Cheshire Monitor sab group post

However, not all has gone according to plan. A growing number of facebook users have hit back at the Cheshire Monitor group and rightly defended the Cheshire Beaver Scouts.

Mark Warrender replied: “Get a grip and stop spreading lies, Hare are not endangered.” He went on to say “ Why do you further lies about species, to me it’s great that children understand where food comes from”.

Another user, Nigel Wroe, wrote: “Why do you think this is a matter for the police? What law has been broken? Why waste police time with your private hysterical agenda”.

Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, Tim Bonner, said “Teaching children the valuable lessons of how to prepare food in this way is a good thing. Children should be free to learn about survival skills without fear and intimidation. Game is a healthy and ethical alternative to many other forms of red meat.” 

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